#writingtap day 016 — One Fine Afternoon Walk: About Footprints, Trails, and Marks We Leave Behind

I walked my usual route towards Starbucks located in Jemursari, Surabaya, then I took the further route onwards my way home. Everyday the street was the exact same, except the people coming and going through. Some I noticed were always there: people who made a living from the streets, same vehicles passing that seemed to be their way home after office work.

I was at one corner — taking my right turn from a lane into the crowded street — walking upon one quite sandy path. There was the debris of crushed bricks on the side with bike, car wheel trails, some shoeprints as well. As I stepped on to it I looked down at my feet and tried to figure out my shoes’ sole shaping the sand.

It got me wondering: while I was walking, what kind of marks did I (or my shoes?) leave behind? Would it be gone when the wind blew, or would it be carved permanently on the previous paths I took on? One thing I noticed was that it was never the good kind of track that had anything left on it — they’re just normal, smooth pavement or pedestrian or asphalt without marks. Only when something walked or went on through the puddle, or sandy path, or maybe hot melting asphalt (if someone is crazily enough to do it) then it was apparent.

Still on the afternoon walk subject —as I walked towards home, I realized how far I walked almost everyday and how I did it. I had few thought again —or questions; bear with me for I had long thinking process — about how some people were walking, running, hiking on a journey with different distances; tracks; with different shoes or whatever gears and back-ups they needed; and preparations. Different people ran different distance, at different pace. With different destination in mind, they had different necessities of supply and preparation; whether they needed to bring loads of stuff just to be safe, or keep it lightweight to move swiftly.

It was the same with how life went. I couldn’t help but think, what marks I would leave in this world: was it scarring or liberating? Was it to be remembered dearly or anguish-ly? How far had I walked down the path? It seemed to me I had walked different kind of tracks: muddy, scorching hot from the sun, windy, breezy.

We are all as though we are runners, walkers: every single one of us had plans and strategies to reach his/her respective destination. Everyone didn’t know what circumstances they would face later on but he/she just walked, ran, differently on individual’s tracks. Some tracks got your footprints on it permanently, some did not. The harshest track might have the prints longer than the easier one. One thing for sure we always left traces behind. Where did you leave your footprint? What kind of marks was it — how was it? Everyone wished their marks were meaningful and significant. But had everyone done what it took to be significant?

You could plan what legacy to leave behind, or how you want it to be; but no matter what kind of footprints you want to leave upon this world, the first important thing to do is to take the first step of the journey.

I personally am a endurance type of runner, I can go far, but not a quick one. I am slow, but I learn. The type of trails I have walked upon are not spectacular either. I haven’t achieved big in life. What I can be sure of is, as long as I am walking fully aware on path I can see the end of, I am heading there. The good path on which I am going to leave my mark. How do you know? I am onto my way living my life well and worthwhile.




A nerd with varied interests. Currently reforming old habit.

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Velika Li

Velika Li

A nerd with varied interests. Currently reforming old habit.

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